A Pocket Guide to Soundwalking


(CC) “Perspectives on urban economics” (eds. Besecke et al. http://dx.doi.org/10.14279/depositonce-5910)

I’m pleased to share “A Pocket Guide to Soundwalking”, my essay on soundwalking envisioned especially for the newcomers to this method, such as architects, city planners and policy makers, yet also for everyone interested in learning how it is a soundwalk, its main purposes and how it can be designed and performed.

This essay has been recently published in a fantastic book on urban economics: “Perspectives on urban economics” (eds Besecke et al.), which “offers a broad palette of perspectives on the multi-layered field of urban and regional economics. It reflects both current and timeless debates and equally addresses readers from the scientific community and the interested public. As such, it pays tribute to Prof. Dr. Dietrich Henckel, who held the Chair of Urban and Regional Economics at TU Berlin’s Institute of Urban and Regional Planning from 2004 to 2017, and contributed passionately to a wide range of discourses.” (from the abstract)

Please, find here my essay and here the book.

Looking forward to getting your feedback on it!

Happy reading :)