Summer 2020 News

Here we are! We are back on track with our freshly new series of seasonal newsletters and delighted to share with you some exciting summer bites.

  • Hush City in Portuguese

This Summer Newsletter kicks off a new version of the Hush City app, that includes the Portuguese language, too.
Isn’t amazing?
We are very much grateful to the Brazilian Association for Acoustical Quality – ProAcustica, who kindly sponsored the implementation of the Portuguese language in both the mobile and web-based version of the Hush City app. The Portuguese translation was curated by Eng. Priscila Wunderlich (ProAcustica).
ProAcustica has been a Hush City Ambassador for the past few years, conducting Hush City Soundwalks in Brazil and promoting the project in South America. We look forward to novel joint initiatives. Stay tuned!

Do you speak Portuguese? Are you curious to check the Hush City app in Portuguese?

Download Hush City from iTunes and Google Play and let us know what you think :)

For those, who are not familiar with the app, Hush City is available also in English, German, Italian and Spanish. The previous two versions were supported by a TU Berlin IPODI-Marie Curie Fellowship and by a HEAD-Genuit Foundation Research Grant.

  • New article published

The results of the fieldwork conducted by Antonella Radicchi in New York’s POPS in Spring 2019 are finally available. If you wish to virtually explore some of the quietest POPS in NY have a look here!

  • Hush City & the Berlin Noise Action Plan 2019-2023

In Spring and Summer 2018, Hush City was used within the context of the public participation campaign held for the preparation of the new Berlin Plan of Quiet Areas 2019-2023. The Berlin Senate has recently released the new Berlin Plan of Quiet Areas 2019-2023, that is part of the new Berlin Noise Action Plan (NAP) 2019-2023. An overview of the NAP is available in German here. The Annex dedicated to the new Berlin Plan of Quiet Areas 2019-2023,featuring Hush City is available in German here.

  • Hush City in the Press

Below, a couple of articles and a podcast (in German) featuring Hush City. We are very grateful to the journalists and podcaster producers for consideration and for helping disseminating the project around. Happy reading!

The invisible threat of noise pollution: how do we protect quiet?
Euronews | August 19 2020

Lärm: Wer belästigt hier wen?
Podcast Planet A | July 21 2020

Will the world be quieter after the pandemic?
BBC article | June 17 2020

Smart phone app to find ‘quiet places’ in Limerick
Limerick Leader | June 16 2020

Using Hush City to identify quiet and tranquil areas in Limerick
I Love Limerick  | June 16 2020

Con la fine della quarantena è tornato il rumore, ed è un problema
WIRED Italia | May 26 2020

Quiet regards from Berlin,
The Hush City Mobile Lab Team